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Acuity Research Group is a partner in the TAFETA project, designed to identify and verify solutions to enable older adults and others to live independent lives with the help of an unobtrusive technological "safety net".  TAFETA (Technology Assisted Friendly Environment for the Third Age, www.tafeta.ca) is headquartered at SCO Health Services, Ottawa.

Since 1993 Acuity has provided a community representative to sit as a full member of the Research Ethics Board (REB) at a major Ottawa hospital, charged with ensuring that all research projects involving the hospital's patients meet strict standards of scientific rigor and research ethics.  In turn, these requirements ensure that Acuity personnel be aware of leading-edge issues in medical research ethics.

Acuity personnel are well positioned to work with manufacturers of medical equipment to verify product design and functionality through the design cycle.  As well, Acuity can bring a knowledgeable perspective to studies of patient care.

(Updated 16 January 2005.)

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